Gerald (Gerry) J. Hahn

Gerry Hahn worked for General Electric Corporate Research and Development (CRD), now Global Research Center, and its predecessor

organizations as an applied statistician, starting in 1955. In 1973, he established and for 28 years managed the Applied Statistics Program

 which numbered 18 people at his retirement. This group is a recognized world leader in advancing quality and productivity improvement in all of GE’s businesses, and is responsible for the effective, proactive use of statistics to address key manufacturing, engineering, and financial issues throughout

 the Company, and for developing advanced Six Sigma tools. In 1984, Dr. Hahn was named a Coolidge Fellow by GE CRD (the organization’s

highest honor) for “his wide-ranging accomplishments in the fields of statistics and quality control.”

Education and University Affiliations

·         Ph.D., Operations Research and Statistics, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, 1971

·         M.S., Statistics, Columbia University, 1953; M.S. Mathematics, Union College, 1965

·         B.B.A., City College of New York, 1952

·         Adjunct Faculty, Union College, 1970-1990; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2001-2004

·         Sabbaticals: Harvard, Stat Dept./MIT,  Spring 1986; Stanford University, OR Dept, 1992

·         Course Leader: Numbers in Everyday Life: Union College Academy for Lifelong Learning, 2008

Professional Societies

·         Fellow (since 1973)  American Statistical Association (ASA) and (1976) American Society for Quality (ASQ)

·         Elected member, International Statistical Institute (1985)

·         Member and Chair, ASA, Committee on Fellows (1995-1999); member of various other ASA committees

·         Editorial Boards: Jl  Quality Tech. (1986-1993),  Technometrics (1985-1994), Six Sigma Forum Mag  (2001-)

·         Organizer and first chairman, ASA Committee on Quality and Productivity (1985)

·         Chairman, Gordon Research Conference on Statistics in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (1988)

·         Chairman, ASQ Brumbaugh Award Committee (2005 - 2007); Member ASQ Shewhart Committee (2011-)



·         Statistical Models in Engineering (Wiley, 1967 and Wiley Classic Series, 1994) with S. Shapiro (translated into Russian)

·          How to Plan an Accelerated Life Test  (ASQ Basic References in QC, 1985)  with W. Meeker

·          Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners (Wiley, 1991) with W. Meeker (2nd edition pending)

·          The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry with N. Doganaksoy (Wiley, 2008)

·         A Career in Statistics: Beyond the Numbers with N. Doganaksoy (Wiley, 2011)

·         Contributed chapters to ten other books

·         100+ papers in refereed statistical and engineering journals

·         150+ invited presentations

·         Random Samplings column for Chemtech:  1974-1988; Quality Progress Statistics Roundtable contributor: 1998- 

 Other Awards and Recognitions

·         Jack Youden Prize, ASQ, 1970 (for best expository paper in Technometrics)

·         Brumbaugh Award, ASQ, 1974, 1980, and 1982 (for paper judged to have made the largest contribution to the development of industrial applications of quality control)


·         Shewell Prize, ASQ, 1975 and 1989 (for best paper, ASA/ASQ Fall Technical Conference)

·         Wilcoxon Prize, ASQ, 1979, 1988 (for best practical applications paper in Technometrics)

·         Outstanding Statistician Award -Chicago Chapter, ASA, 1984

·         William G. Hunter Award, ASQ, 1991 (for person whose qualities best mirror Bill Hunter)

·         Shewhart Medal, ASQ, 1992 (for “his outstanding contributions and demonstrated leadership in the science and techniques of quality control and applied statistics; for his proactive role in fostering Total Quality Management; and, for his dedication as a pioneer in the quality revolution”)

·         Deming Medal, ASQ, 1994 (for distinguished applications of Dr, Deming’s principles to industry)

·         Harry Roberts Statistical Advocacy Award, Chicago Chapter, ASA, 2002

·         ASQ Distinguished Service Medal, 2004

·         George Box Medal, European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics, 2006

·          Best Contributed Paper Award, Section on Statistical Education, 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings

·         Keynote speaker: Youden Address—1987 and 2003 ASA/ASQ Fall Technical Conference (Conf); 1999 ASA/IMS Spring Research Conf; 2001 ASA Deming Address; 2001 CIMAT (Mexico) Six Sigma Conf., 2002 Deming Research Conf; 2006 MSMESB Conf, 2007 Statistics Mentoring  Conference; Florida International University.

·         Ten other special citations from ASA/ASQ and ORSA/TIMS

·         Featured article:  A Conversation with Gerry Hahn, Quality Engineering, 21, 135-142, 2009.

·         Session in his honor, 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings

·         2010 Eric Siegel Prize for best book reviewed in Technometrics (The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry)

Contact info: gerryhahn@yahoo.com, 518:374-0713                                                                                          10/2012

 For more information on Gerry Hahn books:
The following files are attached:
  • 2012 JSM Talk:  Gerald J. Hahn and Necip Doganaksoy, Finding Your Dream Job in Applied Statistics, Presentation to 2012 Joint Statistical Meetings.
  • 2010 JSM Talk: Gerald J. Hahn, Necip Dogsanaksoy, Ricki Lewis, Jane Oppenlander and Josef Schmee, Statistical Literacy for Adults: A Short Course, Presentation to 2010 Joint Statistical Meetings.