Who Is Gerrie Hugo?


Who Is Gerrie Hugo?

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Gerrie Hugo was born and grew up in South Africa during the years of Apartheid. He fought for this cause and turned against it when he came to his senses. He is still alive, much to the chagrin, disgust and astonishment of his enemies, and now happily resides in Stockholm with his wife and children.

He is of the firm belief that most people overrate their own importance and consequently refuses to take himself too serious. He loves his family, cooking, music, chatting to friends in cyberspace and sending pot-plants to the great nursery in the sky. They do not want to grow for him and he thinks it has something to do with not watering them. He’s particularly fond of Swedish summer fashions and is open to anyone suggesting to him that there are better to be found somewhere else in the world. He would emigrate there in a flash.

His pet hates are: politicians, religious freaks, psycho-analysts, snobs and little know-it-alls. He believes that the aforesaid and their kind should be shot on sight or at least ignored as it would make for a better society and planet as a whole. His opinions on Bush will remain untold.

He does have his serious moments and they all relate to Africa. A continent he loves deeply and hopes will astound him by healing itself one day. He unfortunately believes that the chances of him falling pregnant are slightly better than this happening in the short term.

He definitely believes in luck as he has no other explanation for the fact that he’s still alive as well as the success and well-being of his enemies.

Africa will Always break your heart is his first book.

The first in a series of Children's books, called Uncle Grumpy, is now available in Afrikaans. It will be translated soon.