Africa Will Always Break Your Heart 

Gerrie Hugo 


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It has been said about the truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa that it was both a good and a bad thing. It forced some to confront what had happened but allowed a sanitized version of the truth to masquerade as the full truth which is probably better than the perpetuation of a full lie.

In my mind that was the biggest failure of this body. The continuation of putting forward a small part of the truth as gospel really pisses me off and illuminates politicians for what they are. Individuals who are selective with the truth.

That is why you will find the whole truth in Africa Will Always Break Your Heart. The nuts and bolts and a blow by blow account of what we were and in some cases still are.

It is not a read for the faint-hearted. It is sexually explicit, violent and crude. The cover and interior carries a warning in this regard. I will not tell my story and have someone criticizing that it's not the whole truth. Brutal honesty was the only way forward.

Set against the background of Apartheid, political reform and finally democratic elections in South Africa it covers a period of 50 years and is my perception of all the bizarre military and political happenings around me. It tries to describe how our innocence got molded into hate by unmatched propaganda in modern history disguised as civilization and Christianity. I therefore also target the countries deepest hypocrisies: the "Christian lifestyle," the nationalist society and white supremacy.

I tried to inject humor into the story without losing significance of events. I do not laugh at atrocities committed but find our reasoning and beliefs hilarious in retrospect. I hope I have achieved some measure of success with this aim. (judging by the reaction of some ex-members of the security forces I would venture that I indeed did, as I should be strung up by my feet as I'm trash, a turn-coat and a traitor, according to some) My message to them is: "I have forwarded your particulars to your nearest lunatic asylum. I can do no more."

To prospective readers: "Fasten your safety belts and I hope you enjoy the mad roller coaster I call life!"