OurGrid is a free-to-join peer-to-peer grid that has been in production since December 2004. Anyone can freely and easily join it to gain access to large amounts of computational power and run parallel applications. (link)


MedImageSuite is a tool suite that aims in visualization and manipulation of medical images. MedImageSuite is a desktop application with an plugin-based architecture permitting easy addition of new functions. (link)


This is a simple game where the character, a worm, should avoid the obstacles as it runs through a never-ending cave. The game is written in Java and was used to improve coding techniques during the learning of the programming language. As it was initially written by a newbie in Java (and also a newbie in computer science and programming), it has a poor design and architecture. (link)


A remake of the famous Asteroids in Java. The idea was to improve my programming skills in Java, so this is a very basic game. Poor architecture, no gaming knowledge, but lots of fun.

This game can be a case of study of gaming development without any knowledge in gaming programming. But be sure that someday it will be rewritten/redesigned. (link)