18th-23th June 2017, Jaca (Spain)
First Announcement: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3TgFoCsK87OWDZ3Vk8teTkxUzg
Second Announcement: 

The XII "Manuel Rico" NMR School" will take place in Jaca (Huesca, Spain) from Sunday 18 June to Friday 23 June 2017. Throughout its editions, this well­established course organized by the specialized Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) group of the RSEQ (GERMN) has become an excellent platform for improving the understanding of NMR based on a comprehensive approach to the technique showing the applications of solution-, semisolid and solid-­state NMR methods in many disciplines of scientific research, medicine, and industry. In this occasion, the course is coorganized with the Austrian NMR community and it is intended for motivated NMR students at all levels and is structured in morning lectures and afternoon practical sessions. This successful combination, complemented by tutoring of small groups aimed at discussing specific topics of the program, makes the course an entirely enriching experience due to the continuous participation of the attendants. 

Program (Lectures and Teachers): 
  • "An introduction to NMR history" by Fernando López Ortiz
  • "Product Operator Formalism" by Sergio Gil
  • "Phase Cycle and Gradients" by Oscar Millet
  • "Understanding the NMR spectrometer" by Tammo Diercks
  • "2D Homonuclear NMR spectroscopy" by M. Ángeles Jiménez
  • "Multiple-Quantum Coherences: Theory and applications" by Robert Konrat
  • "The Nuclear Overhauser Effect" by Pedro Nieto
  • "NMR and the Periodic Table" by Fernando López Ortiz
  • "Relaxation in NMR" by Oscar Millet
  • "NMR Exchange and dynamic processes" by Martin Tollinger
  • "Reidual Dipolar Couplings" by Georg Kontaxis
  • "Fast Acquisition methods in NMR" by Marga Gairí
  • "Protein Structural Determination by NMR" by Ganeko Bernardo
  • "Intrinsically disordered Proteins" by Douglas Laurents
  • "Biomolecuar Interactions" by Ana Gimeno
  • "NMR in Chemical Biology" by Ignacio Alfonso
  • "Analysis of Mixtures & Metabonomics" by Bruker
  • "Solid-­State NMR" by Juan Miguel López del Amo
  • "Diffusion NMR spectroscopy" by Eurico Cabrita
Venue and accommodation:
The course will take place at the University residence of Jaca. A block of double-­shared rooms has been reserved in advance for the course attendees.

Registration is now open until 5th June2017 using the following registration form (please contact to Oscar Millet (omillet@cicbiogune.es) or Ana Gimeno (agimeno@cicbiogune.es). As the number of course attendees is limited by the residence facilities, the pre-­registration is strongly recommended.

GERMN members: 425 euros
RSEQ members: 475 euros
Others: 500 euros 

Key Dates: 
Start of registration: 24 April
End of registration: 5 June
Start of the course: 18 June

Coordination and contact:
Oscar Millet: omillet@cicbiogune.es