German Studies Undergraduate Conference
Indiana Univ., Bloomington, Nov. 30 - Dec. 1

Twenty-five undergraduate students from across North America presented papers on a wide range of subjects in an atmosphere of intensive and congenial discussion. This opportunity for the next generation of scholars to present their research and learn about the discipline was, by all accounts, a success. 

A panel of graduate students at the Department of Germanic Studies awarded the best-paper prizes. The first prize went to James Caldarise of Columbia University for his paper "Linguistic Loyalty: The German Language in American from 1900 - 1920." Congratulations, James!

Congratulations also to the four other papers that were singled out by the committee:
  • Emilio Comay de Juno (McGill University), "'Was für ein seltsamer Mechanismus': Zur Übersetzung und Geisteskrankheit bei Ingeborg Bachmanns Simultan."
  • Amy Jones (Ohio State University), "Wortwetter: Eine Übersetzungsstudie zu einem Gedicht von Friederike Mayröcker."
  • Peter Kalal (University of Rochester), "The (Supposed) Twilight of Ideology: The Copenhagen Ring."
  • Seongcheol Kim (Princeton University), "Lukács’ 'thermidorische Versöhnung' und die Probleme einer praxisorientierten Dialektik."
Given the positive feedback, we are thinking about repeating the trick. Stay tuned ...

The conference was generously funded by the German Academic Exchange Service  (DAAD) and, at Indiana University, the University Graduate School, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Germanic Studies. 
Conveners: Professors Fritz Breithaupt and Michel Chaouli.