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No more puppies are being bred at this time. 

Jana has been retired (and spayed) and we are not raising pups any more. However, we will leave this site up and continue to update it so that the owners of Jana's past puppies can share information and get updates about their dogs.

Jana's puppies are a year and a half now! We have all survived (though barely sometimes) the teenage years with dogs that are hyper intelligent and active. We are moving into the adult years soon. Maturity and calm are sure to descend.  

8 exceptional German Shepherd puppies have gone to 8 exceptional homes.

In 2014 we finally found a female German Shepherd of the quality that we wanted to breed. We bred her and she had a litter of 8 puppies on March 15, 2015. We kept one for ourselves and sold the rest to some really wonderful homes. This website is dedicated to those puppies and keeping the families informed of how everyone is doing as they grow. 

(bellow is the original information this website contained when it was being used to sell these pups. Please note, we are not breeding Jana again and are not raising more puppies. This was a one-time thing for us. If you are looking to buy a quality German Shepherd puppy, go to Five Peaks German Shepherds, in Parker, Colorado.)

Top Quality German Shepherd Puppies

I have been blessed with a couple of truly amazing dogs in my life - dogs that saved my life, that knew my mind and heart better than I did; dogs whose devotion to me was unshakable. And that is what I want again.

I want the kind of dog that they make movies about. I want the kind of bond I have only experienced with a very few precious dogs in my lifetime - and which most people never have the privilege of experiencing at all.  Add to that the increasing possibility that I may need the help of a Service Dog someday and that I spend a lot of time in the wilderness where my dogs have more than once saved my life; where I rely on them extensively for protection. Then throw in the fact that I often work with young children, have a constant stream of strangers and other dogs visiting my ranch, and every kind of animal imaginable under my care - and I need to be able to trust a dog with all of that and more. 

So, to summarize: 
  • I want a dog who could be successfully raised and trained to be a Service Dog
  • I want a dog who can be trusted to go anywhere with me in any situation without difficulty
  • I want a dog who is safe with strangers, children and young animals 
  • I want a dog who will instinctively protect me and mine from any threat, yet never get carried away with bloodlust or excitement
  • I want a dog who reads my mind, lives to be a constant part of my life, is always aware of me/my location/my well being; a dog whose life starts and ends with the love between us; a dog who is truly and perfectly bonded to me
I've had that before. And I want it again.

And it is the search for this dog that has led to the breeding of Jana and Hoss (two world class German Shepherds) and to the litter of puppies due to be born March 21, 2015. One of them will be mine. Will one of them also be yours? (Click here for the full story of how this litter came about.)

The Dam (Jana)
V Jana von Sensei

owned and beloved by Christie Goodman

DOB: June 16, 2008
Hip: SV: HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: SV: ED a-normal (a1)
Kkl. 1, SchH3 (mastery level)
Jana took 9th place in the World Championships in Germany in 2010. (V9 BSZS 2010)

Jana is everything a German Shepherd should be. She is gentle and loving, safe with children in any situation and welcoming of strangers. She lives to chase a ball. You would think there wasn't an aggressive bone in her body until that moment when she senses a threat. Then she moves instantly to stand between her people and danger with one sharp bark to alert them to her concern. The moment the threat is passed, she goes back to being the kind, sweet dog she is, and you would swear she wasn't capable of any aggression at all.

This exceptional balance of temperament is everything the German Shepherd breed was meant to be - and very rare to actually find in a dog today. Jana was born and trained in Germany where her line has been carefully selected for generations for exactly this balance of temperament - fun loving and safe, but responding instantly to a threat; capable of defending her people in all necessary ways but never going one step (one bite, one growl) further than is absolutely necessary to remove that threat. (click here to read more)

The Sire (Hoss)
Majestic's Hoss Von Caji 

from Majestic Kennels in Tilamook, Oregon

DOB: July 11, 2008
Hip: HD-SV : HD a-normal (a1) - Elbows: 

Hoss is a serious, loyal dog of absolute top quality bloodlines. He is a large-boned, black and red male weighing about 90 lbs.
(To learn more, visit Majestic Kennels's website: