In order to be a community, we work together to make the school what it is. We encourage every family to get involved with the school. We are a non-profit organization and we rely on volunteers to help us run the school. These are the volunteer committees:
  • Academics
We like to ensure that our teachers have all of the resources and skills needed to enhance the students' learning experience.
  • Internal Events
Student's celebrate traditional German language holidays and events. 
  • External Events
The school takes place in parades, musical performances and fairs.
  • IT

    The IT team helps the school to maintain and enhance the website and train staff.
  • Publicity

    The school is only strong if people know about it!  Help us get the word out through various efforts.

  • Snacks / Snackdienst
The school has a snack program whereby volunteers sell snacks from the school's supplies during snack time to students. The profits of the sales are used at the end of the school year to finance school needs such as books, writing supplies, etc. 
  • Library
A lending library of German books is based at the school.  Each week, students are encouraged to check out one book per week.  These books build excitement and give an extra opportunity for more German language practice.

A lending library of German DVDs are also based at the school.  There is a small deposit that must be paid to be a part of the program and one DVD can be checked out at a time.  This is also a good opportunity to provide extra German language practice.