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German Law of Obligations (Tallinn)


Since 1900, the German law of obligations has been model law to numerous foreign legal systems all over the world, especially in middle and eastern Europe - including Estonia. Since the successful implementation of European directives by its last major reform in 2002, it also today influences the private law legislation in various countries. Besides, as Germany is one of Europe’s major exporting nations, many European private law contracts are influenced by German legal thinking.

The course aims to give an introduction to the German law of obligations. Its system is presented by cases from everyday-live which are analysed in class. The analysis is almost exclusively based on the German civil code, depicting the rather sophisticated, but practically well-proven structure of the first three books of the BGB. Important phenomena are compared to Estonian law and/or the PECL, DCFR, CESL and CISG.

Having attended the course actively, the student shall have obtained intermediate knowledge of the structure of the German law of obligations, especially concerning the sale of goods, services and work (employment contracts). He shall be able to draft e legal expertise to a case from these fields, applying accurate legal style and syntax.

Materials to this lecture are attached below. Attachments will be deleted at the end of the semester.
Thomas Hoffmann,
18.04.2012, 08:03