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Introduction to German Private Law

Sissejuhatus Saksa eraõigusesse, 3 EAP, OIAO.06.070

The course aims to give an introduction to German Private Law in general, including its historical, dogmatic and methodological foundations. Further on, it focuses on the BGB, especially its General Part. Its system is presented by cases from everyday-live which are analysed in class, thoroughly illustrating the rather sophisticated, but practically well-proven structure of the first book of the BGB. Important phenomena are compared to Estonian law and/or PECL, DCFR and CISG.

Having attended the course actively, the student shall have obtained intermediate knowledge of the structure of German Private Law of obligations, especially concerning the formation of contracts, representation, avoidance, and the interaction with law of obligations, property- and tort law. The student shall be able to draft a legal expertise to a case from these fields, applying accurate legal style and syntax.

The application of the provisions of the BGB, the practically most important primary source of German private law, is exercised by cases covering complex issues of the general part of the German BGB (e.g. formation of contracts, representation, avoidance) which are resolved during class by the „gutachtenstil“-method.


Session I:         Introduction to the System of the BGB                 4 Sept

Session II:        Declaration of intent, contract conclusion I     11 Sept

Session III:       Declaration of intent, contract conclusion II     18 Sept

Session IV:       Legal capacity                                                           9 Oct

Session V:        Avoidance                                                                     9 Oct

Session VI:      Representation                                                           16 Oct

Session VII:      Standard business terms                                      23 Oct

Session VIII:     BGB general part in property law                            30 Oct

Session IX:       BGB general part in family law                                 6 Nov

Session X:        BGB general part in succession law                    14 Nov

Session XI:       Repetition, preparation for exam                           20 Nov

Session XII:      Exam                                                                            27 Nov

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