Purpose of Organization
The purpose of the Texas Tech University German Club is to bring together students interested in German and to promote an understanding and appreciation of German culture at Texas Tech and in the Lubbock community.

Organization's Primary Goal
The Texas Tech University German Club aims to further the knowledge of the German
 language and to encourage participation in German cultural events.

We are particularly interested in promoting the study of German at Texas Tech and in informing the campus and the Lubbock community of its German heritage and of cultural events in the area.

General Information
  • Membership open to all students interested in German Language and Culture
  • No Membership Dues required to participate in Club events
  • Stammtisch Meetings at Crickets
  • Reasonably Priced Field Trips
  • Interesting Lectures and Events
  • A Chance to Practice German
  • A Great Way to Make New Friends and Have a Lot of Fun

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