Germán Botto, BSc
BSc - Human Biology / Epidemiology (Universidad de la República -         URU) - 2010. 
Specialization in Remote Sensing and GIS (Universidad Nacional de         Luján - ARG) [Thesis in prep.]
MSc - Biological Sciences / Zoology (Universidad de la República -             URU) [Thesis in prep.]

Other coursework
Infectious Diseases Modelling (Institut Pasteur - FRA)
7th Argentine School on Mathematics and Biology: Games and                 strategy, from nature to models (Univ. Nac. de Córoba -ARG)  
Summer School in Pathogen Dinamycs, Climate and Global Change         (South American Institute for Fundamental Research - BRA) 
Summer School in Mathematical Biology (South American Institute           for Fundamental Research - BRA) 

Honors & Scholarships
Doctoral Fulbright Scholarship - Fulbright Commission / National Research and                     Innovation Agency (URU) - 2016

Summer School Scholarship - International Centre for Theoretical Physics / South                 American Institute for Foundamental Research (BRA) - 2014
Honorific Mention - Annual Prize for Scientific Research. National Academy of Veterinary      (URU) - 2008
Short courses scholarship - Institute Pasteur Paris / Institut Pasteur                                            International Network (FRA) - 2012
Current Research Topics
Identification of bat's species from ultrasonic echolocation pulses (Artificial Intelligence /      Zoology).
Pharmacovigilance of DPT vaccines (Epidemiology / Biostatistics)
Bat conservation strategies in Uruguay (Conservation Biology)
Bat-borne rabies in Uruguay (Zoology / Virology / Epidemiology)

Undergrad Students
Federico Sallés. BSc Human Biology (Health's Geography). 2016. Co-advisor.
Elizabeth Büchner. BSc Human Biology (Health's Geography). 2016 (expected). Co-                advisor.
Giannina Lemus. BSc Biology (Ecology). 2017 (expected). Advisor. 
Nestor Lopez. BSc Geography. 2017 (expected). Co-advisor.

Undegrad Student's Research Projects. 
2015 - 2016. Acoustic Identification of Bats. Advisor. Students: Giannina Lemus, Matias         Muñoz, Paula García.  
2014 - 2015. Migratory Bat Conservation. Co-advisor. Students: Mauricio Genta, Mariana       Díaz. 
2014 - 2015. Bat Conservation Strategies. Co-advisor. Students: Santiago Chitaro,                 Giannina Lemus, Agustina Medina. 

Institutional affiliation
Bozeman Disease Ecology Lab - Department of Microbiology and Immunology - Montana State University :: PhD                 Student
Department of Quantitative Methods - School of Medicine - Universidad de la República :: Teaching/Research Assistant
Modelling and Analysis of Natural Resourses - Eastern Region University Centre - Universidad de la República :: Research         Assistant
National Museum of Natural History - Ministry for Education and Culture :: Honorary Research Fellow, member of the Program for Conservation of Bats from Uruguay

Bat Specialist Group - Species Survival Commission - International Union for Conservation of Nature

German Botto,
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