"On behalf of the City of Clermont, I would like to express our appreciation and respect to Mr. Christopher Germana for his excellent consulting service. The City of Clermont and Mr. Germana, in his role as the City’s Civil Engineering Consultant, have enjoyed a productive and effective working relationship for over 10 years. Mr. Germana has met or exceeded our expectations in his product, level of service, and professionalism.

The City of Clermont experienced a rapid growth phase, so meeting the engineering demands of our expanding City has been challenging. Mr. Germana saw this challenge and handled our projects with the expediency and efficiency necessary to meet our rapidly changing demands. He has also been sensitive to the budget requirements of the City and has worked to complete projects to our satisfaction with the available funds.

Christopher Germana has been a great asset to the City and to me, personally. I rely on Mr. Germana for advice and information on a variety of civil engineering issues and he is always forthcoming with his valuable assistance."

Tamara Richardson, PE
City of Clermont - Director of Engineering
"Christopher Germana demonstrates the characteristics of an excellent professional engineer. He conducts himself as a gentleman and a person genuinely interested in a positive outcome for the client. His role in designing and permitting several projects for the County demonstrates that he was able to meet time-frame and project costs in every case."
Gary Kuhl, PE

"As Design Architect and Chairman of The Villages Commercial Construction Design Review Committee; I get to work with many different civil engineering firms.  My experience working with Christopher Germana has been a "breath of fresh air".  He listens to the program; asks the right questions and completes the project.  If I had to use one word to describe Mr. Germana, it would be; "Trustworthy".  Christopher gets it right the first time."


Bill Jones, A.I.A
The Villages, Design Architect

"Christopher has a fantastic demeanor and rapport, not only with us but with others and the municipalities, which makes him a pleasure to deal with.  We have been working with Christopher for a number of years and hope to continue to do so.  He has proven himself as an effective Engineering team leader coordinating resources to accomplish all tasks; on time, on budget, and with the quality of work expected."   


Scott B. Siemens

Executive Vice President Siemens Group. 

Ocala, Florida



"As a land planner and landscape architect who has worked with Christopher on numerous projects, I can offer a most positive recommendation regarding his personal, professional, and ethical qualities.  Christopher's approach to every project has been creative, thorough, and user-friendly, and he has consistently exceeded the level of service required to simply complete the work.  I regard him as an experienced and outstanding civil engineer."


Michael E. Pape RLA ASLA, Principal

Michael Pape & Associates, PA

Ocala, Florida



"For several years Christopher Germana has provided Civil Engineering consulting for The Villages DRI on numerous residential, commercial, recreation, and roadway projects.  He brings to the table a variety of skills, knowledge, and experience.  The Villages projects were put on a tight schedule and budget.  On every occasion Christopher worked with our schedule and budget and achieved our objective everytime.

It is evident that Christopher has the Clients best interest in mind and is truly evident by how he conducts himself and how he always see’s things through. He has a team approach and dedicated to providing innovative solutions to all design challenges placed in front of him. 

I'm confident that anyone Christopher works with, he will provide an equal commitment to excellence and professionalism."


Gary Marks,

Director of Design, The Villages


" I had the pleasure of working with Christopher Germana on some of the City's Fire Station Projects when he served as the City of Clermont's Civil Engineer Consultant.  The projects he designed are fine examples of his work and I found Christopher very easy to work with.  He was always committed throughout the duration of the project and able to address any issue


The Fire Station # 1 Administration Headquarter expansion project was built on a very restrictive property and his design allowed us to build the Administration Building we needed.  Fire Station # 3 had some unique challenges due to the existing terrain where the site had a 20 foot relief across a 1 acre property.  Christopher's design worked with this slope constraint and at the same time added a beautiful addition to the City of Clermont's facilities.


It was a pleasure working with Christopher Germana and I would highly recommend his services from anyone looking to use an excellent Civil Engineer for their next project"


Carle L. Bishop

City of Clermont Fire Department - Director and Fire Chief

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