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My Social Field 

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Az én társas mezőm

My Social Field  

Mérei Ferenc megnyitója (1972)

Szentkuthy Miklós megnyitója (1982)

Kardos G. György megnyitója (1996)

Kozma György megnyitója (2001)

Popper Péter megnyitója (2007)

Bartók Ágnes: Gerlóczy Sári Társas mező című kiállításáról (2008)

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I have been painting since age eleven. That year was a turning point for me: it was the year  when my parents abandoned me, and instead of them I clung to the huge God-image, which I had painted for myself in my grandmother’s house.

   My motivation, when I paint is: the urge to answer the question who I am, introversion and the search for my place in the system of connections.

   My aim is: to depict and connect the figures in the groups who flow through my social web. I am also part of the flow, this is my social field.

   I borrowed the title „Social Field” for my pictures from Ferenc Mérei’s book – the Hidden Network of Communities, which maps the hidden interpersonal relationships in a given communtiy, the sympathies and animosities.

   When I paint the „social field” again and again, I always try to observe and analyze the conduct of a person or a group, their actions and reactions.

   The result of this work are my pictures showing the place of each individual in the  group, their central or peripheral role, their attachments to one another, their aversions, their neglect.

   I have seen it in the book of Mérei that in sociometry an arrow is used to indicate whether a relationship is charged positively or negatively, whether the people concerned are driven by sympathies or dislikes.

   The lines of my drawings follow the human shape: the  continiuous, never-breaking lines communicate enormity, fear and sympathy.”

                                Sári Gerlóczy

(translated by Katalin Turai)