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Hi fellow fans,

THIS is perhaps the main reason I've quit editing and posting the daily show . . .

Howard took a call from this guy Dave (remember him?) who calls him Pinocchio.

Dave asked Howard why he has to mention America's Got Talent every single fucking day. Howard said that Dave is one of these assholes who gets him worked up. Howard said he doesn't give a shit or a fuck about what he thinks. Howard said when he did his movie people told him not to talk about it. He said they did the same for the channel 9 show. Howard said he's not letting anyone set the agenda for the show. Howard said he doesn't care if he cancels his subscription. He said everyone can cancel if they want to. Dave just laughed through Howard's whole tirade. Howard said he doesn't care if he cancels.

Dave said that everyone is going to cancel when they see AGT. Howard said he doesn't care. He said it doesn't matter to him anymore. Howard said he doesn't owe anything to his fans.

Is THIS "Speech Impediment Man" or is it just Renerdra Banerjee?