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  • 24.07.2008: Modified the entries on Centaurs, Empusai, Harpies, Satyrs and Sirens after discussion in the SJ Games Forums; the stat blocs are much better now. Regardig the website the website, I removed the sidebar entries on Characters, Bestiary and Equipment for lack of maintenance of the respective files.
  • 18.03.2008: Added a moderately detailed but incomplete writeup of Athens (that includes the Mystai) and a sketchier one of Corinth. Added info on Oracles, including an Oracle lens in the Hero character template on p. 46. Changed the font size of the PDF form 10 to 12. 

What is Behind The Aegis?

Behind the Aegis is a fantasy world set in Classical Greece during the Peloponnessian War, 50 years after the Olympian Gods and all the creatures of Greek myth suddenly become real. The whole Greece is covered by Zeus' Aegis, a powerful magical spell that marks the boundaries of the Gods' power. Outside of the Aegis, the world is normal and follows the mundane reality of the 5th century BC; inside, the lands is slowly changing back to the reality of the Greek legends and the writings of Homer and Hesiod.

The returned Olympian Gods have taken sides in the Peloponnessian War, as they did in Troy so long ago: half of them side with the Athenians, while the others help the Spartans. They also have resumed their endless liaisons with mortals, giving rise to a new generation of semi-divine Heroes: humans with exceptional capabilites and supernatural powers.

The players take the role of these new Heroes. They will have to defend their city against enemy armies, survive the machinations of the Olympians and the outcast Titans in their struggle for ultimate power, and explore the dangers of the new world behind the Aegis.

Behind the Aegis is based on material from GURPS Greece and uses the GURPS Fourth Edition rules from Steve Jackson Games.

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You are allowed (and encouraged!) to freely distribute the content of this website, including any documents it contains, as long as you don't modify it or claim authorship over it. Under no circumstance can you charge any money for it, or you will face the Wrath of Zeus.

Contact me!

Behind the Aegis is far from complete, and I am very interested in any contribution you might want to make. The setting is being actively developed in the Steve Jackson Games Forums. For any comments, corrections, suggestions, maybe the occasional praise… don't hesitate to post there or write me!

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