Gerelt Tserenjigmid
 (Гэрэлт Цэрэнжигмид)

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Virginia Tech. 
I received my PhD in Economics from Caltech in 2016.

Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory, Decision Theory, Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, and Behavioral Finance.


1. Theory of Decisions by Intra-Dimensional Comparisons [PDF]
    Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 159, September 2015, pp 326-338.

Working Papers

2. History-Dependent Risk Aversion and the Reinforcement Effect [PDF]
    First Draft: October, 2015, Current Version: August, 2017. under review.

3The Perception-Adjusted Luce Model (F.Echenique and K.Saito) [PDF 
    Caltech SS Working Paper 1379, First Draft: October, 2013, Current Version: December, 2014. R&R  

4. Choosing with the Worst in Mind: A Reference-Dependent Model [PDF] [online appendix]
     John O.Ledyard Prize for the Best 3rd Year Paper in Social Science, Caltech, 2014  
    Caltech SS Working Paper 1391,  First Draft: June, 2014, Current Version: July, 2017. under review 

5The Existence of Equilibrium in Discontinuous Games: Spatial Competition with Limited Policy Spaces [PDF
    First Draft: April 2015, Current Version: April, 2015.

6. The Order-Dependent Luce Model [PDF]
     First Draft: June 2014, Current Version: June, 2016. 

7. On the Characterization of Linear Habit Formation [PDF
      First Draft: December 2016, Current Version: December, 2016. R&R

8. The Imbalanced Luce Model (joint with Matthew Kovach) [PDF]
    First Draft: December 2016, Current Version: June, 2017

9. Asset Prices with Random Risk Preferences (joint with Kwok Ping Tsang) [PDF] [Online Appendix
      First Draft: December 2016, Current Version: May, 2017under review

10. How Do People Trade Lucas Trees ? (joint with Kwok Ping Tsang) [PDF]
      First Draft: August 2017, Current Version: August, 2017under review

11. Does Growing Awareness Increase Ambiguity? (joint with Adam Dominiak) coming soon!!

12. Belief Consistency and Invariant Risk Preferences (joint with Adam Dominiak) coming soon!!

Work in Progress

13. The Testable Implications of Unique and Extremal Stable Matchings

14. Behavioral Foundations of Dual-Self Models