Gerelt Tserenjigmid (Гэрэлт Цэрэнжигмид)

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Virginia Tech.

I received my PhD in Economics from Caltech in 2016.

Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory, Decision Theory, Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, and Behavioral Finance.

Email: gerelt [at] vt [dot] edu


1. Theory of Decisions by Intra-Dimensional Comparisons [PDF]

Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 159, September 2015, pp 326-338.

2. The Perception-Adjusted Luce Model (joint with Federico Echenique and Kota Saito) [PDF]

Mathematical Social Sciences, Volume 93, May 2018, pp 67-76.

3. Belief Consistency and Invariant Risk Preferences (joint with Adam Dominiak) [PDF]

Forthcoming Journal of Mathematical Economics

Working Papers

1. History-Dependent Risk Aversion and the Reinforcement Effect [PDF]

First Draft: October, 2015, Current Version: August, 2017.

2. Choosing with the Worst in Mind: A Reference-Dependent Model [PDF] [online appendix]

John O.Ledyard Prize for the Best 3rd Year Paper in Social Science, Caltech, 2014

Caltech SS Working Paper 1391, First Draft: June, 2014, Current Version: January, 2018. under review

3. On the Characterization of Linear Habit Formation [PDF]

First Draft: December 2016, Current Version: December, 2017. R&R

4. The Imbalanced Luce Model (joint with Matthew Kovach) [PDF] [Online Appendix]

First Draft: December 2016, Current Version: May, 2018

5. Ambiguity under Growing Awareness (joint with Adam Dominiak) [PDF]

Previously titled: Does Growing Awareness Increase Ambiguity? First Draft: March, 2017 Current Version: Feb, 2018

6. Asset Prices with Random Risk Preferences (joint with Kwok Ping Tsang) [PDF] [Online Appendix]

First Draft: December 2016, Current Version: March, 2018.

7. The Order-Dependent Luce Model [PDF]

First Draft: June 2014, Current Version: June, 2016.

8. The Existence of Equilibrium in Discontinuous Games: Spatial Competition with Limited Policy Spaces [PDF]

First Draft: April 2015, Current Version: April, 2015.

Work in Progress

1. Salience and Bounded Rationality in Games: The Imbalanced Quantal Response Equilibrium (joint with Matthew Kovach)

2. Foundations of Nested Stochastic Choice and (Subjective) Nested Logit (joint with Matthew Kovach)

3. How Do People Trade Lucas Trees ? (joint with Kwok Ping Tsang)

4. The Testable Implications of Unique and Extremal Stable Matchings

5. Behavioral Foundations of Dual-Self Models