MEF (Movimento de Expressão Fotográfica) works in the visual arts area, namely Photography. < xml="true" prefix="o" namespace="" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office">

Its main objective is to encourage the interest for this kind of art among the people in general.

It also creates conditions so that its associates may enjoy some opportunities to exhibit and promote their works.

It’s involved with other institutions and associations related to social work area, which includes formation to people that usually don’t have the same opportunities as the common citizen - like people with visual, mental and physical disability or social and economically needy people.

Through its iniciatives, MEF hopes that every citizen has the same opportunities, as far as photography is concerned, since it considers it a powerful tool and looks for a democratization of the art, so it may be part of the everyday’s life and not belonging to an elite.

Existing since 2000, it started bonded to the Carnide’s parish council photography courses (1600 project), which was integrated in the Contigo Vais Longe project of Lisbon’s city council.

In collaboration with the Lisbon’s city council social work department, dynamizes Oficina da Fotografia in Espaço Municipal da Flamenga where it develops several courses:

  • photography for beginners;
  • advanced photography;
  • photography to people with visual disability (in colaboration with APEDV – Association to the employment of the visual disabled;
  • photography in the social work area (in colaboration with CAIS Association);
  • Workshops for children


With the Carnide’s parish council it was created the Photography Space (MEF’s headquarters) in Padre Cruz neighbourhood, where it takes place the following courses:

  • photography for beginners
  • advanced photography I
  • advanced photography II
  • educative project to Carnide’s students


It also manages the photography laboratory at Espaço@Juventude, at Armador neighborhood, by invitation of Marvila’s parish council.

The activities developed in this place are photography for beginners courses and photographic activities to Marvila’s population.


In colaboration with CAIS Association it has been developing formation classes in digital photography to the homeless.


As a way of promoting its students and associates works, MEF helds events and artistic projects such as Artes na Rua, Projecto Lisboa and a photography fair.


Texto de Ana Pinto com revisão de Pedro Reis