Research engineer

Speech processing, Spoken Language Understanding, Natural Language Processing

My research interests include Natural Language Processing, Spoken Language Understanding, Text and Speech Mining, Semantic Analysis, Distributional Associations and Information Extraction in general.

I am currently involved in several research projects with two main applicative domains:

  • Social Media Interactions: with a focus on on-line chat conversations for Customer Relationship Management.
  • Multimedia Content Enhancement: with the development of new exploration paradigms, for navigating through collections of audiovisual archives, in order to enhance access to contents related to Education and Knowledge.

An audiovisual content exploration prototype has been launched in December 2017, in collaboration with CanalU and the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme. The PITS platform exploits advanced tools that automatically extract information from audiovisual contents and proposes innovative search and exploration interfaces that facilitate access to these enriched contents.

Visit the prototype:

More details: Prototypes

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