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Day #2: Wednesday

Date: 5th January
Google Earth & KML
CIC: John Bailey

8-9am  Breakfast @ Alley Cafe

  Introduction (John Bailey)

  Keynote: Rich Treves - User First, All Else Follows

  Presentations: Google Earth and Imagery [20 mins]
  • Chris Crosby - LiDAR and Google Earth: Simplifying Access to High-Resolution Topography Data
  • Sarah Robinson - Integrating LiDAR into Earth Science Education
  • Ken McCaffrey - Terrestrial Laser Scanning: Creating Virtual Outcrops for Geoscientists
  • G. Burch Fisher - Utilizing High-Resolution Google Earth Derived Channel Widths to Illuminate Bedrock Channel Responses to Climate-Tectonic Regimes Along the Indus River
11.20am  Break (30 mins)

11:50am  Presentations: Data as Dynamic KML in Google Earth [20 mins]

12.30 am  "State of the Art" Googler Presentations

  • David Thau - Google Earth Engine

1-2pm  Lunch @ Alley cafe

2pm  Presentation: KML Creation [30 mins]

2.30pm  KML Tours (John Bailey & Sean Askey)  [KML]

4-6pm  Interactive-Poster Presentations: Imagery and Terrain Data, Digital Mapping, Geoscience KML

  • Wang-Ping ChenGoogle Earth on Tibet and at Field Camp
  • Chris Condit - Dynamic Digital Maps: An Open-Source Tool to Distribute Maps and Associated Data, Articles and Multi-Media
  • Chris Crosby - Visualization and Data Fusion with the OpenEarth Framework
  • Ronan Hennessy - Re-Viewing the Map: New Methods of Visualizing the Geological Landscape of Western Ireland in Google Earth
  • Fred Hochstaeder & Deidre Sullivan - Learning About Interconnected Ocean Processes Using Google Earth Animations
  • Patrick McQuillan - IRIS Active Earth Display: Live Geophysics Data Delivery System for Museum Exhibits
  • Ron Schott  How Can We Build a Geology Layer for Google Earth?
  • Daniel Sheehan - Attitudes To 3D KML In The Field
  • Owen Shufeldt - Improving the Accessibility of Virginia Geology Using Google Earth: A template for Future Collaboration
  • Kristen St John - Building Core Knowledge and Developing an Interactive Map of Global Seafloor Sediment Types
  • Meg Stewart - Mapping the Grenadine Islands with GIS, Sharing the Data with Google Earth KML
  • Caitlyn Williams* - Improving Multi-tool Surveying Efficiency for Archaeological Geophysics by Integrating Google Earth
  • Andre Zular (poster only) - Regional Scale Geomorphologic Analysis of coastal dunes in SE and NE Brazil coupled with OSL dating
*student sponsored by Oxford University Press