Mastering the Enterprise 2.0 Development Process

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Austin, Texas, USA -- The controversy of Nicholas Carr's thesis may be long gone, but it's message has not been forgotten within the executive suites of major corporations and government agencies. A case in point, see the agenda for the CFO & IT Value Conference.

Now, more than ever, executives are demanding answers to pointed questions about how to effectively build and maintain a world-class Enterprise 2.0 learning organization that's populated with talented and motivated masters of their craft -- the art and science of professional enterprise systems development.

Quest for Improved Business and IT Alignment

IT industry analysts acknowledge that many prior information technology investments have failed to deliver the expected returns -- not because of technology failures, but because of poor business process design and/or inadequate training and education. Furthermore, while the majority of enterprise leaders consider the resulting business impact of training to be the most valuable information to obtain, very few organizations are actually using this key metric.

In contrast, most organizations routinely measure training class volumes (enrolments, completions, hours delivered), learner satisfaction, and total training costs. Clearly, there's a growing need to help organizations learn how to improve the business relevance of IT training investments, while providing insights into superior methods, processes and associated metrics that ensure meaningful productivity results.

Also, we need innovative techniques to improve ongoing coaching and team collaboration by establishing Communities of Practice, and thereby fully utilize recognized mentors and consultants.

On this backdrop, we present the IT Professional Mastery Series, a concise enterprise systems engineering guide that taps into the most insightful and actionable thought leadership about business process modeling, software design, human capital investment and related organization development strategies. We feature new editorials, market reports, survey results, case studies, tutorials, primers, and thought-provoking white papers from subject matter experts.

Stakeholders: CFO, CIO, CTO, CSO, CLO, business analyst, architect, developer.