Examples: Maps Engine Lite

Google Maps Engine Lite is a new tool for creating relatively complex maps. It's more powerful than Google My Maps and might make a great choice for your lessons and projects.

Maps Engine Lite strengths
  • Drawing points, lines and polygons directly on the map.
  • Importing data from spreadsheets & organizing tabular data for each map feature.
  • Thematic mapping: powerful styling options based on each location's tabular data
How does it compare with Google My Maps?
Google "My Maps" is an older tool that was designed for everyday use. Here is a quick comparison:

 My MapsMaps Engine LiteEarth Engine & Fusion Tables
How many map features is this tool good for?

10s10s to 100s100s to 10,000s
Does your map features have structured data?

Want pictures, videos and rich text in the balloons?

YesNot yet...Yes
Want to style the map based on data about each feature?


Here are some interested maps created with Google Maps Engine Lite. They demonstrate a variety of use cases and should provide you with some inspiration for your own projects.

School capacity map

This map shows primary and secondary schools on Vancouver Island. Map icons are colored based on the number of available spaces for additional students. This map is being used to better plan school closures and the redistribution of students. Direct link

Flooding in Argentina

This map is being used to map resources for victims of the flash floods near Buenos Aires Direct link

English teacher placement in Japan

This map shows crowd-sourced data from Japanese Exchange and Teaching program in Japan. The map icons are colored to show whether each teacher got their first, second or third choices in city placement. Direct link

Forensic sites from the Boston Marathon Bombing

This map shows locations of interest relating to the Bostom Marathon bombings. Direct link

Shawnee Tornado Damage

This map shows the homes that were damaged in the May 2013 tornado that struck Shawnee, Oklahoma. Map icons represent the amount of damage for each building. Direct link

New Turkish alcohol law in Istanbul

From this article:

"The planned regulations would prohibit retail sales between 10pm and 6am, ban all alcohol advertising and promotion, and stop new shops and bars from opening within 100m of schools and mosques."

Emergency Response system map

This map shows the Emergency Response network near Knoxville, Tennessee. Direct link

Walking tour of Seattle, Washington, USA

This map shows 5 different walking tours of Seattle, broken out by interest areas. Direct link

Motorcycle tour of Pakistan

This is a map documenting the a 1900km, 20-day motorcycle tour of Pakistan. You can find more information in this article by the author/traveler. Direct link

Crisis Response: Argentina