Walk The Line
A walk through of all the cool things that can be done with lines in Google Earth from drawing and driving along polylines, to importing GPS tracks and showing profiles of the terrain crossed.

Creating Paths
4 Ways to create a path:
  • Top Menu (Add -> Path)
  • Click on Toolbar icon
  • Right-click in sidebar folder
  • Copy/Paste/Edit existing path
     Mississippi River (highlighted by mouseover)

Editing Paths
Right-click on feature in sidebar and select Get Info (Mac) or Properties (PC) to edit; allows user to change vertices' locations, default view, and elevation.


     Plate Tectonics KML - 
USGS Earthquakes
        GE Lesson Plan (Plate Tectonics, 6th Grade) - On Google Earth for Educators
        Case Study using USGS Plate Tectonics KML - Google Teacher in Minnesota

 USGS Earthquake KML
 Smithsonian Global Volcano Program KML

Using Paths
  • Highlight feature and select play button at the bottom to Places to "drive" path
  • Change speed and viewing angle on drive by selection (from Menus) Google Earth -> Preferences (Mac) or Tools -> Options (PC)

Topographic Profiles
  • Select ruler icon in Toolbar; draw single or path; select Save
  • Right-click and select Show Elevation Profile
    South American rivers