Wildfire & Smoke Demo Capture



Screen capture recordings of Scenario clients  (3-5 Minutes)
00:00 Opening Title (Using the GEOSS Common Infrastructure in the Air Quality & Health SBA: Wildfire & Smoke Assessment)
00:05  Intro text and graphic
                describe general AQ scenario
                transition to focus on Wildfire & Smoke scenario as an example
00:20  Screen captures
             popups to highlight a message. 
             wiring diagrams from powerpoint interspersed
                 1. Service Provider: register services (45-60 sec)
                    a. search for catalogs and community portals (find AQ Community Catalog and Portal)
                    b. use registration interface (form - via WMS or WCS GetCapabilities)
                    c. View AQComCat  WAF and CSW
                2. User: Search for services and components (45-60 sec)
                    a. Find wildfire/smoke/AQ services and clients/tools
                    b. Search via Geo Portal(s) and Community Portal
                3.  Access fire location, smoke forecast, AQ observation services (45-60 sec)
                    a. Visualize (Geo Portal WMS clients?)
                    b. Analysis (DataFed, Giovanni, GMU, NGC clients?)
02:45  Recap text and graphic
02:55  Credits title
03:00  End

Draft in Powerpoint

Test Reports Needed
  • Registration of data services and components in community catalog and GEOSS registry
  • Testing of services for accessibility
  • Searching GEO Portals/APIs and Community Search Applications/APIs
  • Using clients with services

Online Step-by-Step Walk-throughs
    Register OGC Web Service in the Air Quality Community Catalog
    Preconditions:  An Air Quality Community Catalog and Air Quality Community Portal have been deployed. A data service has been deployed.
    Flow: An air quality data provider wants to register a new OGC WMS or WCS data service with GEOSS.
    1. Service provider searches a GEO Portal for air quality community catalog
      1. Open the ESA GEO Portal 
      2. Enter search full text textbox with, air quality community
      3. Browse search results to find an air quality community catalog and air quality community portal
      4. Open the air quality community portal
    2. Service provider uses the ISO 19115 Metadata Editor Tool to convert OGC WCS GetCapabilities to ISO 19115 and register the ISO file in the air quality community catalog
      1. Select the ISO Metadata Editor Tool within the air quality community portal
      2. Paste the URL for a GetCapabilities document
        1. Portions of the ISO metadata form are auto-filled based on the content of the GetCapabilities
      3. Complete remaining fields of the metadata form
      4. Save the ISO 19115 document
        1. Saving the document, adds it to the Air Quality Community Catalog Web Accessible Folder
        2. The Air Quality Community Catalog Web Accessible Folder is registered in the GEOSS Registry, thereby allowing the GEOSS Clearinghouses to harvest its metadata records.
    Search for data services in the GEOSS Clearinghouse(s)
    Preconditions:  GEOSS Clearinghouses have been deployed. Data services have been registered and harvested.
    Flow: An air quality data user wants to find data services related to air quality, wildfires and smoke
    1. Search for wildfire data using the Compusult GEOSS Portal
      1. Open the Compusult GEOSS Portal
    Access data services
    Preconditions:  Relevant data services have been discovered through searches to the GEOSS Clearninghouse(s)
    Flow: An air quality data user wants to visualize and analyze data services related to air quality, wildfires and smoke from the 2007 Southern California wildfire smoke event.

    Services & Components to use in Demo
    (please update and fill in missing pieces)

    Registered in GEOSS Registry?
    Harvested by GEOSS Clearinghouse(s)
     AQ Community Catalog (WAF)
       Yes Yes
     AQ Community Catalog (CSW)
       Yes No
     AQ Community Portal    No  No
     ISO Creation Tool for Community Catalog
       No  No
     HMS Fire Location WFS
       No  No
       Yes  Yes
     AIRNow WMS
     AIRNow WCS



    HMS Smoke WMS

     Population Density WMS
       Yes  ?
     Population Density WCS
     OPeNDAP Service?
    ESRI Geo Portal
     ESA Geo Portal
       Yes?  N/A
     Compusult Geo Portal
       Yes?  N/A
     DataFed Client
       Yes?  N/A
     Giovanni Client
       ?  ?
     GMU OPeNDAP Client  



     GMU CSW Client
       Yes N/A
     NGC Client  



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    May 4, 2009, 3:03 AM