posted Oct 23, 2008, 4:18 AM by Stefan Falke
Does it make sense to have sub-workspaces? For example, I created a sub-workspace for the ISO Metadata activity. The thinking is to provide a dedicated space for an activity that only a subset of the working group will be actively involved in advancing. However, in order to avoid many spin-off sub-workspaces that lose their connection to the 'parent' workspace, we would need a way to aggregate or 'roll-up' the pages in the sub-workspaces. An example would be to have an aggregated list page on the 'parent' page that contains the URL resources from all of the sub-workspace URL list pages.

RSS might be able to do that. This is assuming we have a robust way of generating RSS from the Google Sites pages. We could use YahooPipes to aggregate the feeds. We would also need a clean way of reading and displaying the RSS feeds.There are a ew RSS readers available as Google gadets that, supposedly, can be embedded in a Google Sites page but I question how clean they'll appear in the pages.