AQ Scenarios

We will be generating a scenario(s) for air quality & health applications of GEOSS. The scenarios will be used by the Transverse WGs to create use cases. The relationship between scenarios and use cases and between Community WGs and Transverse WGs is outlined here.

The AQ Scenarios will be based on the general scenario presented in the CFP that describes how air quality and related earth observations could be used to inform a wide spectrum of decision making; it is structured around three decision-making end users:
  1. A policy-maker, needing synthesized information on the importance of intercontinental pollutant transport
  2. An air quality compliance manager, who needs to assess whether a regional pollution event was due to an "exceptional event"
  3. The public, needing information about air quality now and in the near future to make activity decisions
Scenarios being assembled:

Scenario information from CFP responses:

Northrop Grumman:  Wildfire & smoke monitoring, assessment and forecasting (suggest using Southern California fires from October 2007 as scenario setting)
EPA: Wildfires and smoke in California (provided example from Northern California fires in June 2008)
incomplete list - more to be added ...

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