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Action items for the AQ Workgroup. 

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TaskDetails LinkWorking OnFinishedDate Created
Creating ISO 19115/19139 metadata records for the services  Work with Ted Habermann and others in the transverse technology work groups ISO Metadata S. Falke, T. Habermann, E. Robinson  October 3, 2008 
Develop Scenarios for AIP-2 Demonstration Draft use cases and supporting scenarios that make use GCI and AQ Community services and components in an air quality context. AQ Scenarios D. McCabe, S. Falke  November 2, 2008 
Identify the specific services that will be offered for GEOSS AIP-2 What is the list of data services, what is there status, how to access them? AQ Services All  October 3, 2008 
Develop AQ Community Catalog Access Metadata Workspaces to create standard metadata thatis suitable for the GEOSS registry AQ Community Catalog S. Falke, J. Dressler, P. Yang  October 31, 2008 
Develop AQ Community Portal AQ service providers and users interface to GEOSS AQ Community Portal S. Falke, P. Yang, E. Fialkowski  November 2, 2008 
Creation of a service metadata workspaces  Metadata Workspaces E. Robinson, R. Husar  October 3, 2008 
Put Enterprise Architecture diagramming into context of GEOSS  Ask Larry to put Enterprise Architecture diagramming into context of GEOSS and its objectives and how it relates to SBA WG goals.  Larry McGovern   October 13, 2008 
Highlight the new components GIOVANNI is providing Uma will highlight the new components that her group will be providing.  Uma  October 13, 2008 
Service testing (work with test capability work group)     October 3, 2008 
How do we proceed with the GEOSS AQ Community of Practice? How do we interact with GEOSS and UIC? Work with Lawrence Friedl, Gary Foley and others    October 3, 2008 
What are some of the critical earth observations that are needed for air quality? Help identify for the task group within UIC, Look for email from Lawrence Friedl    October 3, 2008 
Showing 11 items