AQ Use Case 2: Service Deployment and Registration

Transverse Use Cases 1-10  are activity / capability  elements common to most SBA scenarios.  This is a workspace for the implementation of  Transverse Use Case 2 specific to the Air Quality/Health SBA. The implementation of the UC components is accessible through the links.

Use Case A


 Service Deployment and Registration


This use case describes the conditions and steps to deploy web services for accessing, processing air quality-related datasets and register those as services in the AQ Community Catalog. ... specialized Use Cases...???

 Actors and Interfaces


(1) Data Service Provider/Mediator;
(2) Metadata Service Provider/Mediator;
(3) AQ Community Catalog Provider
Data Service Provider <- Metadata Service Provider <- AQ Community Catalog

Initial Status and Precond.

Service Provider has a resource of interest for GEOSS. For examples include data, processing or workflow services


1. Service Provider deploys Standard Web Service (e.g. OGC WMS, WCS) or SIF (e.g. openDAP)   (some done)
2. Service Provider prepares formal service description (e.g. Capabilities) and tests service through appropriate validator (some done, no validator
3.Service Provider prepares dataset Metadata record (ISO 19115) (done by hand, need tools)
    * GetCapabilities -> ISO 19115 Form for registration 
4. Validate metadata record - validator web service
5. Publish metadata record in AQ Community Catalog WAF (not done -need to expose WAF for multiple clients to be able to save records into this folder

 Post Condition

AQ Community Catalog is populated with data service metadata records and ready to be harvested by the GEOSS Clearinghouse , Use Case 3)  

Use Case B (is this a specialized use case?)


 Publish and register a WCS


This use case provides a description of a process for deploying an OGC Web Coverage Service. The objective is to expand this use case with other approaches for implementing OGC WCS air quality and health related data. The example presented is the creation of an OGC WCS for smoke forecast model output.

 Actors and Interfaces

  • Service Provider
  • Air Quality Community Catalog

Initial Status and preconditions

  • A smoke forecast model exists (CALPUFF, in this case)
  • The model has been run for a one-week period (Oct 21-26, 2007) for the Southern California Wildfire region
  • The model output is made available in netCDF-CF format


(basic flow steps)

  1. Service provider implements WCS

    2. Service Provider configures the information about its Service interface as provided in the service Capabilities document:
    3. Service Provider publishes its Component and associated Service interfaces to the AQ Community Catalog

    2) Using the XSLT, an ISO 19115 metadata web form is auto-filled with the information from the GetCapabilities

    3) The ISO 19115 metadata elements that are not auto-filled using GetCapabilities input are completed manually via human input

 Post Condition

Smoke Forecast OGC WCS available - GetCapabilities:

The smoke forecast OGC WCS is included in the Air Quality Community Catalog. In this particular case, the OGC WCS service's metadata file is included in the Air Quality Web Accessible Folder which is registered with the GEOSS registry following AQ Use Case #1.