AQ Infrastructure Issues

Harvest is successful from USGS Clearinghouse, but there is an issue on our side getting the results returned to uFIND (Kari is aware)
No way to search clearinghouse except through API (not a geo portal...)
No way to add a new dataset - form broken
No way to fix/delete dataset through a form interface only manually

ESRI harvests us.
Mapping of metadata incorrect - Have spoken with Marten about mapping, no resolution. 
Still can't find our things by our catalog 
Can preview the WMS data in their viewer, but issues because all layers load at once and titles/legends all load. 

Compusult harvests us.
Mapping of metadata is incorrect 
Can't find our records by catalog 
ISO record with wms and wcs shows up as two entries in their catalog and allows access to both, also has a 'get content' which then returns all layers as seperate entries
Can preview WMS data in their viewer and turn layers on/off 

SIF classified WAF as special arrangement for catalog based on our feedback. Record is now correct in Registry. 

GMU has a CSW to the WAF - both are registered what do we do? 

SIF is also working on defining the minimum fields needed for finding in clearinghouse based on our work. Checked for update, waiting for response.