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Scenarios / UseCases Matrix

The columns of this table are the scenarios for the four community working groups, while the rows constitute the set of generalized transverse use cases.
Entries in the table represent a specific or specialized use case of that general category which is being implemented by that scenario.
A serie of cross WG telecons was held in January 2009 to foster this matrix development and completion.


Use Cases

 AQ & Health WG

Wildfire & Smoke
(harmonized template here)

Pika Distribution

Polar Ecosystems

(Landsat scenario)

Arctic Food Chain
 Disasters Resp. WG

Flood Disaster Management
R. Energy WG

Facility Planner

UC1 - Register Resources
register WCS
        (UC01 may apply as-is)

UC2 - Deploy Component & Services
Deploy a netCDF-CF WCS
        Deploy a WAF Component
UC3 - Publish, Harvest, & Query Metadata via Clearinghouse
register community catalog
Query GI-Cat CS-W 2.0.2 CORE

Query GI-Cat CS-W 2.0.2 ISO Metadata AP

Query GI-Cat CS-W 2.0.2 ebRIM AP with EO extension Package (tbd)

Query GI-Cat CS-W 2.0.2 ebRIM AP with GBIF Ext. Package (tbd)
      Register a WAF Component

Harvest a WAF from a Clearinghouse

UC4 - Client Search of Metadata
search via portals
UC5 - Present Reachable Services and Alerts to Clients
 understand capabilities of services
       Present CAP Alerts
UC6 - Interact with Services & Alerts
 issue "GetData" requests
      Advertize from a sensor node event/alert

Interact with a SPS
UC7 - Exploit Data Visually & Analytically
space-time browsing of observation and model data
UC8 - Construct and Deploy Workflow

UC9 - Test Services
compliance of services
UC10 - Register New Interoperability Arrangements

        (UC10 may apply as-is)

CAP : Common Alerting Protocol (OASIS)
netCDF-CF : Climate & Forecast convention
WAF : Web Accessible Folder
WCS: Web coverage Service (OGC)