Clients WG Present CAP Alerts Use Case

Prensent CAP Alerts Use Case
GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot, Phase 2
GEO Architecture Implementation Pilot

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[Use Cases show the reuse of GEOSS service oriented architecture for a narrow action, e.g., discovery, data access. Use cases are specific to Interoperability Arrangements.  Use Cases are used as steps in multiple AIP Community Scenarios.  Use Cases are developed by the AIP Transverse Technology Working Groups.  Scenarios are developed by the AIP Community Working Groups.]

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Use Case Present CAP Alerts

Brief Description

The use case provides steps to reach and present information about an Alert in a user interface, from feeds served by an atompub service.

Flow of Events

Basic Flow



Present CAP Alerts


One of the most common uses of CAP is to activate digital devices that are used to display or distribute warnings. There are many sorts of devices and systems that can be activated by XML encoded CAP messages. The interfaces between the CAP messaging (transport) infrastructure and the activated device or system usually follow the steps described hereafter.

Actors and Interfaces

Client: use case Actor supporting the discovery and management of Alert feeds upon defined filtering criteria.

CAP Alert Service (atompub): use case Actor that comply to an Atom Publication Protocol.

Initial Status and Preconditions

The  atompub CAP service have been registered and discovered through the GEOSS Registry.

It is assumed that security concerns have been dealt with and that authorization and authentication have been established.


STEP 1: Client request query to...


STEP 3:  

Post Condition



Special Requirements



Using the Atom Publishing Protocol to publish Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) alerts (Webpage)

From this reference, here is a summary of the GET operations supported by the CAP service from an "atompub" Server

URI: /capservice
Type: application/atomsvc+xml
Method GET, operation retrieve: Gets the Atom Service document

URI: /capservice/alerts
Type: application/atom+xml;type=feed
Method GET, operation listing: Gets the Atom Feed for this collection

URI: /capserver/alerts/{identifier}.atom
Type: application/atom+xml;type=entry
Method GET, opration retrieve : Gets an Atom Entry representing the CAP alert

URI: /capserver/alerts/{identifier}.cap
Type: application/alert+xml
Method GET, operation retrieve : Gets the published CAP alert