Clients WG Use Cases

The AIP-2 Scenarios / Use Cases mappings are defined here.
The Use Cases defined below pertain to some "Portal / Client" classes in the main list here, namely:

For track records, here is the list of Use Case candidates that were discussed by the Clients Working Group :
  1. Discovering, saving to and loading OGC Context Document (registration of Context is a clearinghouse use case)
  2. Discovery of components in clearinghouses (testing interoperability across clearinghouses and registries)
  3. Discovery and display of CAP alerts/RSS feeds (registration of CAP alerts/RSS feeds is a clearinghouse use case)
  4. Semantic search for specific communities
  5. Authentication of users
  6. Referral from GeoPortal to community portal/client (discovery of community portal/client via GeoPortals)
  7. Visualization of EO products
  8. Ordering of products