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Clearinghouse, Catalogue, Registry, Metadata Working Group

This page is a day-to-day collaborative workspace for the "CCRM" Working Group. Summaries and compilations of this work can be found on the OGC Network.

 Teleconference Notes. Contributor notes below

News and Events

  • Telecon 9 12 FebruaryNotes
    Posted Feb 12, 2009, 10:25 AM by AIP-2 GEOSS
  • Telecon 8 21 JanuaryNotes
    Posted Jan 21, 2009, 7:29 AM by AIP-2 GEOSS
  • Telecon 7 7 January 2009Notes
    Posted Jan 21, 2009, 7:30 AM by AIP-2 GEOSS
  • Telecon 6 17 DecemberNotes
    Posted Dec 17, 2008, 12:07 PM by AIP-2 GEOSS
  • Telecon 5 10 DecemberNotes
    Posted Dec 17, 2008, 12:06 PM by AIP-2 GEOSS
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Issues and Discussions

Metadata For Services Metadata stds and elements for service description 
Component Types and Registration Component types and process / elements of entry into GEOSS Registry 
GEOSS Discovery Use Case(s) Details of standard use case for discovering registered GEOSS components/services and their contents 
Harvest Requirements Initial discussion of harvesting parameters as possible additions to Service records 
Persistent Identifiers A review and discussion of identifiers 
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Work Items

Doug Nebert Component types and practice for registration and harvesting  New  
Ted Habermann Harmonized metadata for coupled service - datasets  New  
Josh Lieberman Organize CCRM workspace Initial structure set up Complete  
Josh Lieberman E2E Discovery Access Engineering Report Draft in development New E2E Discovery Access ER 
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Capabilities and Results

ESRI Clearinghouse Marten Hogeweg Implementation information about the ESRI Clearinghouse component Available 
Compusult Clearinghouse Robert Thomas Implementation information about the Compusult Clearinghouse component Unknown 
FGDC Clearinghouse Archie Warnock FGDC / GMU Clearinghouse implementation Development 
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AIP-1 Clearinghouse WG workspace Website OGC Network pages from first pilot 
ISO Metadata Web Resources Resource List LIst of resources on ISO Metadata usage 
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Archie Warnock Developer A/WWW Enterprises  
Doug Nebert Co-chair FGDC Climate Change and Biodiversity 
Josh Lieberman Co-chair Traverse Technologies / OGC Access Services 
Kengo Aizawa Co-chair JAXA  
Ted Habermann Co-chair NOAA Air Quality and Health 
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Contributor Notes:

Please create child pages for details and discussion about each item listed on this page. Typically, active work will be carried out in draft form on the Google Groups pages for the working group, and then summarized and organized on the OGCNetwork pages.

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