UC6: Interact With Services

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Brief description

Activity of client to consume services for datasets, sensors, models, workflows, etc. 
This use case describes the conditions and steps to interact with a Service interface within GEOSS.
This use case is a general description of all other Access WG "Interact with service" specialized use cases.

Basic flow of events


 Interact with Service interface


This use case describes many of the aspects that are common to OGC Web Services (WFS, SOS, WCS, WMS). These common aspects are primarily some of the parameters and data structures used in operation requests and responses.

 Actors and Interfaces

  • Client application (GEO Portal, Community Portal, desktop application...)
  • Other online service (processing, search...)

Initial Status and preconditions

  • The server is deployed and configured for serving data according to some standardized dataset schemas and some data encodings.
  • A GetCapabilities operation have been performed by a client application to retrieve metadata about the service operations and the resources provided by the server (OWSContents)


  1. Server receives a Describe(resource) request
  2. Server sends a response describing the content offerings of each queried resource
  3. Server receives a Get(resource) request with parameters set by the client from the content offerings response
  4. Server sends a response with the resource content matching the selected content offering

 Post Condition

 The following pieces of information from a Service interaction must be available:

  • Service title, keywords, TypeVersion, fees, accessConstraints, providerName & contactInfo, requestMethods, exceptionHandlingMethods
  • Resources names, keywords, CRS & BoundingBox, metadata links, supported languages

Alternative flows of events

Exception reports :

Special Requirements