GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot, Phase 2 Collaboration Workspace

  • This is a day-to-day collaborative development site for the GEOSS AIP Phase 2. For use by participants only.
  • All contributions remain the property of the contributor. For results and summaries of work carried out here, see the AIP-2 pages on OGC Network.
  • For best practices (hints and tricks) to using this site, see here. If you have questions about setting up your workspace, post them to the discussion page and the group can answer.
  • Moving to a testing phase for contributed GEOSS service and client resources, a page for Test Matrix / Test Reports has been set up for reports on testing experiences. Also available now is a service status checker.
  • Moving to a demo capture workshop over registered, tested (and persistent) exemplars provided through AIP-2, a page for demo scripts and video capture previews has been set up.
  • Architectural models and diagrams for AIP-2 are being developed on the Enterprise Modeling page
  • Work on reports for AIP-2 is linked from an Engineering Reports page.
  • Reports of outreach and outside collaboration activities are linked from an Outreach page
Scenario Working Groups Transverse Technology Working Groups
Disaster Response Working Group Clearinghouse, Catalogue, Registry, Metadata
Climate Change and Biodiversity
Access Services  (Products, Sensors, Models)
Renewable Energy Working Group
Workflow and Processing Working Group
Air Quality and Health Working Group
Portals and Application Clients Working Group

Test Facility Working Group
Scenarios / UseCases Matrix Transverse Technology Use Cases



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