Geospatial Technology Consulting

Welcome to my site, Information and geospatial technologies can make difference in day-to-day life of a mankind. These technologies can help us make the world better place to live. I feel that geospatial solution are the latest evolution of today's technology driven applications. These solutions can be used to solve real life problems at broader levels.


GeospatialiT is a portal for sharing knowledge about usage of technologies to solve real life problems in various industry or social sectors. The primary capability of GeospatialiT is the concept of "Geospatial Solutions", which  can be useful to address business challenges across the verticals including but not limited to, Infrastructure, Energy, Utility, Telecom, Public Information Services, Homeland Security, Defense, Space Research, Healthcare, Retail, Environment, Food and Beverage etc.
We can provide solutions, consultancy and innovative software engineering services to address the challenges of your business.

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