Linux Geek and Amateur Photographer


If you have this card in your possession then we may have met.

I love photography, and after my wife passed away it became one of the few things that kept me going. I like both film and digital. I prefer Pentax but I will shoot with almost anything. Heck I love my Kodak Easy Share it's best under a $80 digi camera I ever bought. My cam-go-pack has a Pentax P30 [film], K50[digi] and a Nikon S4000[digi] in it.

More about me: Linux User, Open Source advocate, vegetarian and cat lover [previous two attributed to my dear late wife], and I suck at writing stuff,so that's pretty much it.

Cheers,  geospart 

Please find a link above for TaC, this is a G+ community I helped create back in 2011.  Made some good IRL and Online friends here,