Thesis submitted

lagt inn 3. des. 2010, 06:54 av Georg Kjøll   [ oppdatert 3. des. 2010, 06:58 ]

I have now submitted my thesis entitled 'Word meaning, concepts and the representation of abstract entities from the perspective of radical pragmatics and semantic externalism' at the University of Oslo. A (yet to be examined) version is available here. You can read the abstract (in Norwegian and English) here.

Word meaning

lagt inn 6. sep. 2010, 06:57 av Georg Kjøll

I gave a response to Timothy Pritchard's paper 'Meaning enabling features' at the CSMN Workshop on Concepts and Word Meaning last week. Some of the talks should be up as podcasts at the CSMN web page later this autumn.

Now the full focus is on handing in my thesis by the 28th of November.

Talk in august

lagt inn 5. jul. 2010, 05:25 av Georg Kjøll

I have been accepted to the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology's annual conference in Bochum in August. The topic of my talk is Semantic externalism and the representation of abstract objects

Back to Oslo

lagt inn 1. jun. 2010, 05:00 av Georg Kjøll

After a term's research stay in New York, I'm coming back to Oslo in the end of June. I will then have 5 months left to complete my thesis, which is slowly starting to take form.

Paper out

lagt inn 11. mar. 2010, 09:24 av Georg Kjøll

I guess this section of my homepage makes absolutely no sense, but I'll use it anyways to mention that I've got an article on "shared content and Relevance Theory" published in the International Review of Pragmatics 2(1). You can download a pre-publication draft from the 'papers' section. 

New site, new format

lagt inn 2. des. 2009, 08:55 av Georg Kjøll

This is the new web page, after the previous one went bust with the relocating of googlepages. I'm having troubles figuring out how to use this new format, but hopefully I'll get something resembling a decent home page up and running pretty soon..

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