Selected publications / forthcoming papers

Duopolistic Competition with Choice-Overloaded Consumers (with Mauro Papi)
forthcoming, European Economic Review
Preprint here

Partially Dominant Choice
2016, Economic Theory, 61, 127-145
Preprint here

(Hemi)Continuity of Additive Preference Preorders
2015, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 58, 79-81
On Continuity of Incomplete Preferences
2013, Social Choice and Welfare, 41, 157-167
Preprint here        American Mathematical Society MathSciNet review

Working papers

Choice, Deferral and Consistency (with Miguel Costa-Gomes, Carlos Cueva and Matúš Tejiščák)
This version: December 2016 (revision & resubmission invited by Econometrica)

This version: March 2017 (revision in progress)

An Impossibility for Objectively Rational Preferences
This version: September 2016 (revision in progress)

Dominance Solvable Games with Multiple Payoff Criteria
This version: March 2016 (revision in progress)