Resources for Students

If you find any broken links on this page, I apologise. These links are to other websites, and so are difficult to maintain. I check them every two months, but please do feel free to alert me to any broken links -- that would be appreciated. 

If you want to know more about my teaching, go here.

If you want to arrange high school philosophy sessions in my area, please email me. 

This image is a cartoon. In the first image a person opens a book. In the second image a the book shines light rays into his eyes. In the third image, and as a result of reading the book, the person's eyes emit a light, and he can "see" better.

Ways to Contact Me

I am not teaching this semester, so I do not have office hours. But please feel free to email me. We can also meet, phone or Skype; please email me to arrange a time. 


You can contact me anonymously here.

Feedback, Comments, and Questions

I welcome any feedback about my teaching, including indication of parts of the course you are having trouble understanding. You should always feel free to email me, attend office hours, or arrange a meeting to discuss philosophy or any other issues.

Whilst I would prefer non-anonymous feedback, you can message me anonymously here. Please feel free to use this form to provide anonymous feedback about my teaching. Your feedback will not be made public anywhere, and will be used to inform future classes. You do not need to sign up for anything in order to provide feedback. I can reply to you through the same web service, without learning your identity, but you would need to sign up.