About GYBC

The Georgia Young Birders Club (GYBC) is a youth birding organization. Our goal is to bring together young birders from around the state of Georgia, provide opportunities for youth-led birding trips and workshops, promote leadership and friendship, and generate enthusiasm about birds in the next generation of birders and ornithologists. This club is youth-led with support from AAS and GOS and will be led by high school students. There will be adult supervisors on field trips and adult-led workshops, as well as student-led field trips and discusssions.
This organization consists of two sub-groups of young birders. The Kinglets are the younger birders in K through 5th grade, and the Kingfishers are the birders in grades 6 through 12. The Kinglets and Kingfishers meet, attend workshops, and bird together. There will be certain workshops, meetings, and field trips that will be geared toward either or older birders. High school birders will also have the opportunity to mentor younger birders. A major goal of this club is to provide a community for the young birders of Georgia, and we value comradery amongst our members.
We hope you can come out and bird with us!