Anyone is invited to attend our meetings or join us at any of our events.  However, there are many benefits to being a Dues-Paid Member. Dues-Paid Members are given priority when signing up for events where only a limited number of slots are available. They also receive discounts when we go on field trips.  For example if we plan a rafting trip that costs $25 per person, SCB will cover part of cost, say $15, and you will only have to pay $10.

Dues are $10 per semester.  Dues for this semester should be paid no later than our meeting on February 20, 2015.   If you can't attend the meeting, email and we can arrange a different time.  We can accept cash or checks* made payable to Ansley McKinney

Membership to SCB Global for students is $20 per year.  We really want to encourage involvement with SCB Global, so anyone who is a global member only has to pay $5 dues per semester.  Simply forward your membership confirmation email to Koby at as verification of your global membership.

*This is for our off-campus bank account which had to be opened under an individual and not SCB, but this account is completely separate from her personal bank accounts.


Members accumulate points by participating in club activities.  This is purely an incentive program.  We want you to be involved; and we want you to be rewarded for your involvement.  I know that we all have busy schedules, so this is SCB's way of thanking all those members that made time in their hectic schedules to help us out!  You must be a dues-paid member to qualify for the program.

 Activity                    Points
 Member Activity
 Community Service2 per hour
 Outreach Event2 per hour
 Fundraiser2 per hour 
 Subway Percent Day1 per person

What is the Reward?

We are planning an end of semester club retreat!  We haven't worked out all the details yet, but camping and caving trips have been mentioned.  SCB will cover a larger portion of the cost for those members that are most involved (ie. accumulated the most points).  

How Involved Should I Be?

Don't worry if you can't make it to a ton of SCB activities; this is going to be a bracket system.  For example: Members that earn enough points to be at Level One will have a certain amount of the trip cost covered, say 30%.  Members who earn more points to be at Level Two will have a larger amount of the trip cost covered, say 50%. And so on... Of course, all dues-paid members will have a portion of the trip costs covered.  

  • All Dues-Paid Members will have 10% of any trip costs covered.
  • Level One - 12 points: Members that have racked up 12 points will have 25% of any trip costs covered.
  • Level Two- 25 points: Members that have earned 25 points will have 50% of any trip costs covered.
  • Level Three- 40 points: Members that have 40 points will have 75% of any trip costs covered!

How Many Points Do I Have?

Click on the link to see exactly how many points you have accumulated throughout the semester.