Our mission is to broaden awareness of local and global biodiversity issues and to facilitate collaboration among diverse disciplines with a shared interest in studying and sustaining natural resources.

Upcoming SCB Events

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All meetings will be held in the Warnell College Forestry & Natural Resources, Bldg 1, Rm 304

Invasive Species Hog Roast: April 18, 2015
Join us at Flinchum's Phoenix in Whitehall Forest for an awesome time! This year's hog roast will feature an art show, silent auction, and, of course, plenty of edible invasives! From Mugwort Shortbread cookies to Wisteria Lollipops to BBQ hog, we'll have plenty of delicious food!

Other Upcoming Events That Sound Cool...


Photo by David Bristow

For more information about the Tanyard Creek Chew Crew, contact Prof. Eric MacDonald at eamacdon@uga.edu. For information about the Botany Blitz, water quality monitoring, and other Chew Crew volunteer opportunities, contact UGA Office of Sustainability Watersheds Intern, Breanna Crowell at breannac@uga.edu. For information about the UGA College of Environment and Design, see www.ced.uga.edu. For information about the UGA Office of Sustainability, see http://sustainability.uga.edu/ . 

Club Shirts $12 Purchase at our next meeting. Available in white or blue. Thanks to Henry Adams for drawing our mascot, the gopher tortoise! . . . And who doesn't love Aldo Leopold?

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Past Events
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January 22, 2015: Taste of Oasis

February 5, 2015: General Body Meeting
February 18, 2015: Trivia Night
February 20, 2015: Whitehead Road Elementary School Outreach

April 2, 2015: General Body Meeting

January 23, 2014: First semester meeting, Dr. Mengak's discussion on nuisance wildlife
January 31, 2014: Whit Davis Elementary School Outreach

February 3, 2014: Trivia Night at High Wire Lounge
February 5, 2014: Revamp the Reptile House P1. Educational Signage
February 6, 2014: Meeting, Ami Flowers shared information on career and internship planning
February 9, 2014: Subway Percentage Night
February 14, 2014: Valentine's Day Bake Sale
February 19, 2014: Winter Activities Fair
February 20, 2014: Meeting, Eric Macdonald invited us to work with UGA Chew Crew
February 23, 2014: Revamp the Reptile House P2. Installation
February 27, 2014: Tree Planting at Cleveland Elementary 

March 3, 2014: Invasive Species Awareness Week Info Table at Tate
March 3, 2014: Trivia Night at High Wire Lounge
March 6, 2014: Meeting, "Pig Bomb" documentary about explosive feral hog population
March 6, 2014: Subway Percentage Night at Five Points Subway
March 20, 2014: Meeting, Dr. Hall presentation on birding in Athens
March 20, 2014: RHA sponsored Sustainability Casino Night, SCB information tabling
March 21, 2014: Animal Outreach with kindergarteners at JJ Harris Elementary School

March 22 & 23, 2014: Botany Blitz with the Chew Crew
March 30, 2014: Morning Bird Walk with Dr. Richard Hall at the Botanical Gardens

April 5, 2014: SCB Invasive Species Hog Roast
April 8, 2014: Barrow Elementary Science Night
April 13, 2014: Subway Percent Night to Benefit Bear Hollow Zoo
April 16, 2014: Chew Crew Workday
April 19, 2014: Bear Hollow Workday
April 22, 2014: Earth Day Table at Tate
April 24, 2014: Chew Crew Workday & Goats Depart Tanyard Creek
April 24, 2014: Last Semester Meeting
April 26, 2014: Vegetation Sampling at the Chew Crew Site

August 23, 2014: Zoo Day at Bear Hollow
August 27, 2014: Fall Activities Fair

September 9, 2014: Dawg Day of Service
September 28, 2014: Subway Percentage Night
September 28, 2014: Recycling Ninja Waste Audit

October 2, 2014: General Body Meeting
October 4, 2014: Chew Crew Homecoming Tailgate
October 6, 2014: Tanyard Creek Clean Up
October 11, 2014: Info Table at the Athens Tree Festival & Chew Crew Welcome Baaaaaa-ck Celebration
October 13, 2014: Trivia Night at Highwire Lounge
October 15, 2014: Outreach at Whit Davis Elementary After School Program
October 17, 2014: UGA River Basin Center Symposia with Doug Parsons, North American policy director for SCB
October 20, 2014: SCB, Chew Crew, and Tanyard Creek tables at the residence hall's Green Cup
October 22, 2014: Global Conservation Seminar
October 23, 2014: House the Herd Info Meeting
October 24, 2014: Tanyard Creek Work Day
October 25 & 26, 2014: Vegetation Survey at Tanyard Creek

November 6, 2014: General Body Meeting
November 8, 2014: Fernbank Museum & IMAX
November 12, 2014: Bake Sale
November 21, 2014: Good-baaaah Goats Party

December 4, 2014: General Body Meeting


January 25, 2013: Donuts and Bears Tate Event
January 30, 2013: Winter Activities Fair
January 31, 2013: Clint Murphy from Bear Hollow Zoo

Sunday, February 3, 2013: Percent Night at Subway
February 14, 2013: V-Day at Tate!
February 28, 2013: Dr. Chamberlain: Issues facing restoration of large carnivores in the southeast

March 3, 2013: Percent Lunch at Subway

April 6, 2013: 2nd Annual Invasive Species Hog Roast


September 5, 2012: Fall Activities Fair
September 20, 2012: Introductory meeting

October 6, 2012: SCB Saturday at Bear Hollow Zoo's Zoo Day 2012
October 18, 2012: Evet Loewen's talk on the World Parrot Trust

November 15, 2012: David Hesse from the Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue of Georgia
December 14, 2012:Guest Lecture about conservation biology at Cedar Shoals High School