The Piedmont region is a hilly part of Georgia. Piedmont means "foot of the mountains". This region lies between the far northern mountains and the flat southern plains. This region is known for its red clay hills. It is also the region with the most people. We live in this region.


Chattahoochee River                   Flint River

There are two main rivers of the Piedmont region - the Flint River and the Chattahoochee River.

The Flint River, named for the stones found along its shores, is the home for many types of wildlife, including the shoal bass. The river gives farmers water for their crops. The Flint River feeds into the Chattahoochee River. The Creek Indians lived in the river bottoms and valleys of these rivers.


The Chattahoochee River has always been a working river. The Cherokees and  Creeks used this river for drinking water, food, and transportation. Now, the river is used more as a source of drinking water and recreation.

 Georgia Natural Wonders

Two of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia are found in the Piedmont region Warm Springs and Stone Mountain.

The springs of Warm Springs are mineral springs which stay at 90 degrees Fahrenheit all the time. It was the vacation retreat of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Stone Mountain is the largest exposed mass of granite in the world. It was used by Woodlands Indians as a ceremonial place. It is about two miles long and one mile wide.