Label the different housing used by the Creek and Cherokee.



What types of homes did the Creek and Cherokee live in?


Thatched Roof Housing

The Cherokee and Creek people lived in settled villages of houses.  The


houses were made of mud plaster with thatched roofs. The Cherokee and the


Creek had two different homes for the summer and winter seasons.




Council House Before Europeans           Council House  After Europeans                                                           



In the center of the villages was the Council House. The Council House was


used for meetings and was the most important building in the village.  They also


built larger, seven-sided buildings for ceremonial purposes.



Most towns had a lacrosse field with benches for spectators. The Creek and


Cherokee played games on these fields.





Inside Creek and Cherokee Housing

  Thatched Roof Housing                       Log Cabin Housing            



Inside the homes were colorful rugs and baskets.  Bear skins was used for the


bedding and chairs and other furniture was made from tree bark.  Inside there


also were fireplaces for warmth in the winter.



Housing Changes




             Log Cabin                                      Clapboard House


 By the late 1700’s, many Cherokees and Creeks were living in log cabins.


Some also  lived in clapboard houses like the white settlers.