List the food eaten by the Creek and Cherokee.



What type of food did they grow? 


The Three Sisters: Corn, beans, squash


The Creek and Cherokee were farming people. The main food grown and eaten


by the Cherokee and Creek was known as the “Three Sisters"; maize


(corn), beans, and squash.  Besides these foods the Cherokee and Creek grew


many other foods such as sweet potatoes, sunflowers, and potatoes, and





The women did the farming and planted and harvested the crops.  Young girls


helped their mothers by gathering wild plants, nuts, and berries.  They also


helped prepare the food; such as pounding the maize to make cornbread.




What type of food did they hunt?



                        bear                        deer                          blow gun


In addition to being farmers the Creek and Cherokee were also hunters.  The


men were responsible for hunting.  The men used blowguns, spears, and bows

and arrows to kill the animals. They hunted deer, turkeys, and bears.  In addition,

they also made traps to catch fish in the streams.