Compare and contrast the clothing worn by the Creek and Cherokee.


                                Creek   Both    Cherokee



 What did the materials for the clothes come from?



Most clothing came from animal skins but some were made from hemp plants. 


Some of the same animals, such as deer,  the Creek and Cherokee hunted for


food were used for their clothing. The clothing was sewn together using


thread. In addition, portions of the headdresses worn were made from


porcupine hairs.


What type of clothing did the women wear?


                                        deer skinned dress                      tear dress


Women made the clothing worn by the men and the women. The women and

girls wore dresses and skirts. The most popular type of dress for the Cherokee

woman was the tear dress, but some of the dresses and skirts were also made

of deerskin. 


Cherokee women wore wrap around skirts and cotton blouses. Creek women

usually wore a skirts made of grass or cloth.  In the winter Cherokee women

wore a cloak for warmth while Creek women used a blanket. Both groups

wore moccasins on their feet. Also Creek and Cherokee women always

wore their hair long, cutting it only when they were in mourning for a family



What type of clothing did the men wear?


         Traditional Clothing           Cloth Jacket                 Head Turbans


Originally both the Creek and Cherokee men wore breechcloths (a type of

pants).  However, the Creek and Cherokee men’s clothing changed over

time as they encountered the white settlers. Both began to wear long

braided or beaded jackets, pants, and feathered turbans. 


Cherokee men's hair was worn in a mohawk or it was shaved completely except

for a small portion on the top. They also wore headdresses on their heads

made of porcupine hairs.