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Vakhtang Janjghava  Georgian Art
Date of Birth: 1987
Education: Art School (1998-2002 years. Khoni), Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (2008 - 2012 years. Tbilisi)
Academic degree: Bachelor
The works Major themes: Biblical Themes, istoriuri themes, mythological subjects, portraits, still life, nude figure.
Main course: academic painting, classical, realism, super - realism, ecclesiastical art.
Works are protected: Private collections, personal collections, various churches.
Group exhibitions: Test, Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.
Personal exhibitions: Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

Adam and Eve. Humanity's first mourning

Moses rescued. Drawn is a picture of a crocodile (underwater). It describes how Moses was saved from destruction crocodile.

The original self-portrait. The source of holbein's idea of ​​painting the "dead in Christ"

Georgian cartoon art
The Georgian Museum of Theatre, Cinema, Music and Choreography, abbreviated as Art Palace, is housed in a building of unique historic interest on Kargareteli Street in Tbilisi. This embattled building, somewhat out of context with the overall architectural style of Tbilisi, is a splendid piece of Islamic Gothic art. The building erected in the 1880s is credited to the qualified architect Paul Schtern. A story of romance that stands behind the palace runs that it was erected by the German Prince Constantin Oldenbourg as a token of his unabated love for Agrapina Japaridze-Dadiani, a charming Georgian lady, whom he later married. To treasure the memory of this legendary love, director of the museum Giorgi Kalandia dubbed the building the "tower of love".

The museum, whose reser\/es hold over 300 000 exhibits, moved to this historic building in 1989. Giorgi Kalandia, a historian by profession and a familiar face on TV screens because of his prog ramme "Chveneburebi" recalls:

Our museum was founded in 1927. Initially it was known as the "Georgian Theatre Museum", which subsequently extended its range to incorporate, besides theatre, domains of cinema, music and choreography as well. The museum contains a collection of artworks covering all the four abovementioned fields, including cartoon films. There is a motley gallery of paintings at the museum. The collection of cartoon films, by contrast, is not as rich, which is a very sad fact given the impressive number of animated films produced in Georgia. We are often addressed by people who want to donate or sell priceless exhibits to our museum. There was recently a proposal from a painter offering for sale a set of original sketches of Georgian cartoons, which he had received from his friend, the painter Boris Starikovsky. Many great artists attach only negligible importance to sketches, which they consider only part of the creative process, so-called "rough copies". Such artists are more concentrated on the final product, the end result. "Rough copies" are largely neglected by them, either destroyed or given away as gifts (in a better case).
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Represented paintings 

Author: Vakhtangi Janjghava
Subject: religion, mythology, history, still life, copy, naked figure, architecture.
Georgian ecclesiastic art samples. Almost all of the fine specimens. They are executed in tempera paint on wood. This tree is also copied the works of Drawn.
Mariam. Copy. Wood, tempera St. George. Copies. Wood, tempera
Jesus Christ. Copies. Wood, tempera Cover - the most beautiful place in Georgia. Was a monastery complex. In the complex, the main temple, there is a unique wall paintings. The painting is a copy of this fresco.John the Baptist(Copies of frescos-Safara-Georgia). Wood, tempera
Jesus Christ. Wood, tempera "Ubisa" - This is one of the most distinguished place in Georgia. This is the name of the village where there is an old monastery. This monastery is a unique Byzantine-style frescoes. This is a copy of these frescoes. St. Andrew the Apostle.Copies of the murals Ubisa. Wood, oil
Jesus. Copies of the murals Ubisa. Wood, oil This is Georgia, Kazbegi. Kazbegi beautiful place. This church was built in the Caucasus range. The painting is done in accordance with the photograph.This is my homeland. Wood, oil
"Architectural Painting ". Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on cardboard
"Architectural Painting 2". Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on cardboard
"Spanish Lady". Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on cardboard
This work was created in the Art Academy. The reason is politics. At first glance, the painting has nothing to do with politics. By the time the political situation has led to the creation of a work of art.
Political figure of that time presidential candidate's phrase, "I am coming" became the basis for this painting.
Theme is slightly transformed. Author of this phrase was in politics. The artist repeated the same phrase. This phrase has come to inform the Jews in the world of art to the people.
"I come from." Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
Wood, oil
Of a landscape made . of experimental technology. The main purpose of the disclosure overly expressive.
Tbilisi. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on cardboard
Naked man. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on cardboard
Theme is taken from the works of fiction. The idea came from the works of Boris valejo.
"To defeat evil." Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on canvas
"To defeat evil 2." Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on canvas

Nude figure. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Drawn is a human-sized figure, unchanged. Oil on canvas
All Drawn to Art Academy of nude figures. Canvas and painting materials are mainly used in carton. Each is made with oil paint. The Academy is not a good structure nude figures. Unfortunately, such a figure painted by people with weak results. The main cause of the problem is lack of funding. Georgia is a developing country and does not have enough resources.
It is unfortunate that such a great talent of being lost or poorly developed ( This includes student, who meet in the academy. ) .
Nonetheless, this is still a developing art. Many artists are pursuing a successful career.

Naked female. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.(Oil on cardboard)

Naked man. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on cardboard
Naked man. Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Oil on cardboard