4. Sample Suppport Letter

Use the information & outline below to comtact House Insurance Committee members. Encourage them to have a hearing on SB471 and its substitute.
TO:  (Georgia House Member or Insurance Committee Members)


Re: URGENT: Insurance Committee Action on (HR or SB XXX)

I ask you to support passage of the free market health insurance reforms contained in SB 471 (Regional Coalition Act) and the proposed substitution (non-tax elements of the SB 472 the Flexible Choice Act) . I ask you to assure this legislation is brought up in the Insurance Committee for a vote. You can learn more about the proposals by clicking on the links: SB471 FAQ impact and the substitution FAQ impact analysis.

As the U.S. Supreme Court hears the case on the constitutionality of federal reform on March 26-28, we in Georgia can send a strong message that states can and will create and support free market solutions focused on choice, affordable options, and personal responsibility. SB 471 and its substitution is a good start that must be passed NOW in this 2012 General Assembly.

I urge you to support SB 471. Please contact the other Insurance Committee members. Please urge them to insist on hearing ASAP for SB 471 and the substitute.

Thank You