F PPt: Scenario Planning

 The following video is a detailed description of a process called "Scenario Planning."  In this case the health reform committee reviewed the major drivers impacting health reform in the country and the impact on states. Those drivers ore: (1) the Constitutionality of PPACA, and (2) Political control of the Presidency, Senate & House in WDC.  Originally, this video was put together to analyze the value and potential of state-based exchanges versus PPACA Health Insurance Exchanges.
As with exchanges, a significant number and very likely scenarios will require states to take action if health insurance reform is to occur for their citizens.  If PPACA is ruled unconstitutional, establishing a state-based exchange (e.g. Massachusetts, Utah) will do little to improve health insurance products unless states change the state laws under which insurance is operates.
28 states are suing the federal government for their overreach inot the responsibilities of states under the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Georgia is a part of that lawsuit.  If Georgia wants that responsibility, they must do more than sue for the right, they must take action to imple,ent changes needed.  They must restructure their insurance marketplaces to bring in competition, more affordable products, and lower the number of uninsured in the state.
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